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Do you want to know what the irony behind home workouts is? I won’t let the suspense kill you. Most of the home workouts you’re doing are PRISON WORKOUTS. Yeah, you read that right. They’re prison workouts.

Now you’re probably wondering, “Wait. What’s a prison workout?” Don’t worry, I’ll tell you that too. The most popular home/prison workouts are as follows:

  1. Burpees;
  2. Push-ups;
  3. Squats;
  4. Hanging leg-raises and;
  5. Dips.

Of course, there are quite a number of other exercises but these happen to be the most popular, most effective and the ones with multiple variations. The key to seeing maximum results is in the number of reps your complete, and the speed at which you do so.

Prison workouts do not require any equipment or a large space. You can do them in an itty-bitty prison cell, your small studio apartment or right next to your bed. The average workout time needed is somewhere between 30-60 minutes, which is the amount of time inmates have for their daily supervised outdoor activities.

Are you beginning to see the irony, now?

What’s the best way to complete your prison… sorry, I mean your home workout? Well there are a couple of methods. You can use the ‘Juarez Valley Method’, the ‘Deck of Pain’ or choose one prison exercise and try and complete as many reps as you can in an hour. The average number for the last method is 500 reps in 60 minutes or less.

And they say, nothing good comes out of prison. No wonder why prisoners tend to be such hotties. Could this be where the saying “girls like bad boys” comes from?

So during this lockdown, are you getting jailhouse strong?



By Oladotun Adio

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