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Dear men, our beauty editor is telling you why you need a facial ASAP 

(Diplo getting into his facial game )

Gone are the days when it was the norm for men to cop out from treatments such as facials, the use of concealers, tinted moisturizer, etc.

Today, more than 5 million men globally are embracing the power of a beauty routine

Our beauty editor has shortlisted 3 quick facials to help you achieve a flawless face in seconds.


Facial/Mask 1

Hydra energetic tissue sheets are the perfect 

masks for those with dry skin because they  plump a whole load of water into your face. 

There’s no mixing required just open the sheet, place on your face and voila. 

You can purchase them in bulk and use once a month.


Mask 2

Kaolin Clay-

Pour water and mix into the powder


Facial 3

DIY grocery mask – This type of mask can be made with items in your grocery cabinet such as lime, yoghurt, coffee beans, etc.

Click here for more on this highly celebrated turmeric and Greek yoghurt mask



By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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