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On this month’s edition of The Cover, Ladipoe of Mavins Records gives us a window into his interesting life whilst showcasing a brand new hairstyle- LOCS!

During the pandemic, I personally encouraged every and any individual suffering from withdrawal symptoms from their hairstylist/barber to try something new and it’s clear that Ladipoe was of the same mindset.

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You too may decide to switch up your hairstyle from a short and sharp cut to LOCS which is why you should scroll through to see a super easy method to achieve this feat.

What tools do you need to achieve locs?


A locs sponge



A lock and twist butter or Aloe Vera gel

The Brushing Method

With the locs sponge, you will brush your hair into small balls using the dread sponge.

The holes in the sponge will gather hair and form partings in the hair.

After you have formed various small short hair clumps, run through each clump with a bit of dreadlock cream to hold the locs in place.

Then fasten tiny elastic bands over the clumps so the hair starts growing individually into locs.

(Avoid fastening it too tight to avoid discomfort.)

Then blow-dry or let your hair dry naturally for 3 hours and let the clumps dry and hold together strong.

After that, you will have visible dreads and hair will continue to grow clumped.

Monitor your hair growth for a few weeks in order to check the progress.

Continue to use the dread sponge as a brush until the locks are too long for it.

Now, go forth and slay like Leader of the Revival!

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