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On this edition of the Men’s Corner, we are tackling the art of ironing a dress shirt.

dress shirt

We cannot all afford to get our clothes professionally laundered so men, in the meantime, in-between time, let me teach you how to iron a dress shirt properly because first impressions count and there’s nothing more painful than seeing a smart shirt with wrinkles on it.

What is A Dress Shirt?

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How To Iron A Dress Shirt:

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PREP Your Dress Shirt:

Ironing Your Shirt: Step #1 – Start With The Collar

Begin at the edges of the back of the collar – ironing towards the middle. It’s important that you go in this direction. Starting from the middle might cause the fabric to gain visible creases near the collar points.

Ironing Your Shirt: Step #2 – The Cuffs

First, iron the inside of the cuffs to remove the main creases – again moving from the edges towards the middle. Finish off by ironing the outside area using the same method. Iron gently around the buttons to avoid damaging them.

Ironing Your Shirt: Step #3 – The Sleeves

Smooth out the sleeves with your hands before placing the iron over them. This helps prevent unwanted creases. Start with the tip of the iron at the cuffs – then work your way back to the shoulders. Flip the sleeve over to check if the other side needs a quick touch up.

Ironing Your Shirt: Step #4 – The Back

When ironing the back, you’ll have to be extra careful if your shirt has pleats. So I recommend that you start under the pleats before ironing on top of them. Then proceed with ironing the rest of the back (you’ll need to reposition the shirt several times on the flat surface to reach all edges and corners).

Ironing Your Shirt: Step #5 – The Shoulders

It’s time to work on the shoulders (also called the yoke). Place the shirt so that the narrow end of the ironing board is inside one of the sleeves. Iron the yoke, moving from the outer edge towards the middle. Then flip the shirt so as to position the other sleeve on that end of the board. Repeat the same steps.

Ironing Your Shirt: Step #6 – The Front & Placket

The next stage covers the front. Be gentle when ironing around buttons – you don’t want to damage them or make the threads go loose. Your aim is to get the placket nice and crisp since it’s one of most essential parts of your shirt. For the shirt pocket, start from the outside moving in to prevent creases.

Ironing Your Shirt: Step #7 – The Front Of The Collar

Finish up by ironing the front of the collar. Apply the same method you used in Step #1 – starting at the edges and working your way towards the middle.

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