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By Damilola Faustino

Colour is a personal thing, especially when it comes to your wardrobe. Some people take naturally to a wide variety of tones while others are more restrained. Then there are those of us who choose to stick mostly to black. When Meghan Markle does it, you almost forget she’s wearing an all-black outfit. Here are ways to make your all black attire look outstanding and classic!

Keep things classic

meghan markle

The easiest way to make a statement, even if it feels boring to dress in a single colour? Choose ultra-classic pieces to elevate the look. It takes a more deft sense of style to combine timeless pieces into an all-black outfit.  So, when combined, they look elegant and elevated — about as far from boring as you could possibly get.

Add a contrasting accessory

meghan markle

Another foolproof way to jazz up a black outfit? Add an accessory that provides a bit of contrast. Maybe a pop of colour on your broach, or an eye-popping pair of earrings or even a hat like the Duchess of Cambridge.

Show a bit of skin

meghan markle

To truly pump up your all black look, you should show off a bit of skin to get more attention. However, note that you must be conscious so that you won’t overdo it.

Go casual

meghan markle

You might think wearing a black outfit means you need to pull out all the stops and wear gorgeous heels, a structured top, or a formal coat. That’s absolutely not the case. A leather jacket is always a good idea. Especially when accompanied by the unexpected combination of Vans and trousers.

Pump up the volume

meghan markle

A sure way to take a black outfit from bland to statement-making is to choose a voluminous piece to add drama. The easiest way to do that is to go with an oversized coat. You can even add a chic pair of shades to top off the look.

Switch up your shoe colour

meghan markle

Think you have to wear black shoes with an all-black outfit? The choice is unexpected and adds another dimension to an otherwise black outfit. And as for critics who say you can’t wear brown shoes with black clothes? Know that rules are meant to be broken.

Add something edgy

meghan markle

If an all-black outfit is starting to feel boring, a surefire way to up the ante is to add something edgier to the mix. A leather jacket, a slim-fitting skirt, or a bold pair of boots, for instance.

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