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By Simi Ayeni

Considering how hot Lagos is and the fact that its summer holiday, we need to choose a “sensible” hairstyle, which is easy to make and enable us still look trendy too. Here are some suggestions:

  • Gel your hair down using ecostyler gel and attach a clip on at the back- sew it to your head to avoid you having to attach the clip in every day.

simi ayeni

  • Do big box or triangular braids so they last your stay without breaking your hair. Braids can make your whole outfit look more dressed up.


  • Using your natural hair, do twist outs to give your hair volume and style. An advantage of this is that your hair gets to breathe. Click here to learn how to make the perfect twist outs.

natural hair

  • Crochet braids are a very good option, especially if you want to avoid the pain of braids! They are very easy to do too and take less time.


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