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Buying gadgets for your newly acquired kitchen can be very exciting but also very costly if you don’t plan properly.We all know there is a big difference between ‘WANT’ and ‘NEED’, therefore when buying kitchen appliances, you must know the needful. Here is a list of must have kitchen gadgets:

Cooker: To cook, you need a cooker. Be it gas, or electric, or anything else that suits your kitchen and your style, getting a very good cooker should be the first item on your list.



Refrigerator: You just need to ice your perishables and drinks too. You don’t have to start out with buying the ones with 4 doors and 20 compartments (I once saw one with 3 see through doors and fell in LOVE), remember, it’s what you need and not what you want.



Pots and Pans: You need to get these in sets as they come in different food quantity sizes. You also might want to not be too stingy when it comes to these- they’re used a lot so the better the quality, the longer it’s life span.

pot n pans


Cutlery: The primitive age is obviously over. Men do not need to use their hands anymore to eat good. Even if you only eat swallow everyday please behave yourself, you need cutlery.



Blender: Invest in a good blender and we swear your life will be way easier. Save yourself the stress of looking for where to blend in your new neighborhood. Again focus on the needful.



Toaster: Because what are mornings without toast!?



Plate Rack: Just after you wash your dirty dishes, you need a temporary store for your wet dishes and utensils so they can dry out before you put them away in cabinets or compartments.

plate rack


Microwave: Some people argue that these are just an unnecessary expense and you can warm pretty much everything in a pot. But it’s a massive time saver. If you love to cook in bulk, then you definitely should invest in a microwave.



Chopping board: For creative and colorful meals, you need have this item to chop your vegetables and fruits and every choppable food item you have.

chopping board


Spice Jars: Keeping all your spices in random plastic bags and containers is the best way to watch them go off and poison yourself. Biko, please, you need spice jars to keep all your different spices. There are colorful and affordable ones in the market.

spice jare

Once you have these items, the rest is secondary and cooking will now be a breeze. So go forth and enjoy your new kitchen!


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Written by Efe Ohworakpo


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