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Back in the 70s and 80s, ‘the more, the merrier’ was a phrase that seemed to apply to most facets of life, especially make up. But thankfully, those days are behind us. What’s in now? The Natural Look. The less apparent your make up, the better. It’s often difficult to achieve that ‘of course I have no make up on’ make up. But we have some tips to get you looking like the natural beauty your make up lets you be:


joan smalls natural look

Full face of foundation: To achieve that natural look, you can opt out of the full foundation coverage (show those natural spots). Instead, use moisturizer and let your natural beautiful skin breathe. You can add liquid illuminator to your moisturizer to give your skin that extra glow.

Skip the blush: This may not be part of some daily makeup regime but if you are skipping the foundation, you can do without the blush as well. Your dark skin may not have a natural blush but hey, that’s okay.

Groom your brows: Well-groomed brows can make a world of difference. If you have full brows, remove the under growth and use tinted brow gel to keep it arranged and natural. If your brows are sparse, use a brow pencil only to fill it in and clean any mistakes with cotton swaps. Blend it in with the brow brush so the front doesn’t look too thick and unnatural.


natural make up

Subtle lips: For a natural finish, apply lip balm or nude lip gloss. You don’t need a bold lipstick colour (like red) or that will defeat the whole natural purpose. Apply subtler colours that are the same or close to your natural lip colour.

Oil control: To prevent oily face, do not use powder, instead use a blotting sheet for the natural looking makeup finish.


natural look


Written by Nkem Ikeh

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Images: karimascott.onmason.com, alligator.org, more.com





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