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By Dumbledore’s Pawn

The Samsung S9 is as close to perfection as a phone can come to before it’s self-aware and tells your girlfriend about your other girlfriends.

samsung s9

It has been created to revolutionize the concept of the phone. A lot of people will claim it’s no different than the S8 but they will be wrong. The phone’s security has been taken to a whole new level, the Samsung Knox.

It is built from the chip up with multiple layers of security, making your phone safer than the city of metropolis. Yes Samsung intends to keep Superman out of a job.

The Camera quality is beyond next gen. Filters change your race not just skin texture – so no need to bleach anymore.

The phone has the ability to personalize different customizations, which helps create different profiles for your personal life and business. Imagine creating a different profile for each of your girlfriends. You’re seeing the light, abi?

I could go on but you don’t want to read. So instead let me allow someone with an accent tell you more

Watch below:

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