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The entertainment industry in Nigeria has come a long way. From Nollywood’s success to Nigerian artistes dominating the music scene to various personalities providing entertaining content on social media, we can almost say we have this entertainment thing locked down. Keyword: almost.

While there’s so much to celebrate about the Nigerian content we watch, read and listen to, there are still some shortcomings the industry faces. It all boils down to one thing— exploring other genres and stories. We know we are funny people but every New Nollywood movie doesn’t have to remind us. There are so many different stories Nigerians have lived through, are living through and will live through. If we’re having bigger budgets for our content, we surely should be putting it into diverse genres and stories.

For instance, I struggled to contain my excitement after watching the Manifestation trailer, a movie centred around the scary stories which were told in Nigerian boarding schools. Stories like bush baby and the headless braider. Although there have been no updates on this movie, it’s one I’d appreciate in Nollywood. Basically, there’s so much in our culture we can bring to the spotlight. As much as there’s the idea that it’s comedy that sells in Nigeria, we shouldn’t reduce ourselves to being the funny Africans.

You might be thinking there aren’t enough ways for Nigerian filmmakers to explore. But you’re quite wrong. Ideally, I shouldn’t be giving out ideas for free but in the spirit of generosity, here are some. The genres filmmakers should be looking to fill are…

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