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By Damilola Faustino

marketAlmost at every turn in Lagos, you discover that someone is buying something, whether it is a service or consumable.

After buying or enjoying these services, you have to make payment and if it is the case. collect your change. This is where some service providers or sellers start their theatrics of “I don’t have change.”

The surprising thing here is that very few people are exempted from this. The woman at the market selling tomatoes and pepper, the pretty lady at the departmental or grocery store, the Uber driver and of course the bus conductor. They all expect you to forget your change no matter the amount-N50 or N500.

Interestingly, these individuals will vehemently refuse to sell to you even if your money is remaining N10 but will happily keep your change.

In certain situations, if you refuse their enticing effort to keep your change, you are asked to return to the seller for it. But you dare not come back. When you eventually return, their facade tells you that, hey why did you come back for your change? Some go as far as denying that they are owing you. This is why some Nigerians decide to let go their change or simply do not patronise the service.

Hilariously, this has become a norm to the point that when you send someone to run an errand on your behalf, they expect you to leave the change. If you do not, they will tag you a greedy person or in local parlance ‘akagon’.

Bet why should I leave my change? Is it not my change? By the way, next time, you too have the exact amount so that you do not fall for this change prey.

Be like the managers of the Lekki Toll Gate. If you do not have change and give money above the price of the toll, just forget about your change. 😞😞😞

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