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 I don’t know if the MASK MOVEMENT is going to be enforced in Nigeria,

We can only hope and pray that when we hear our leader’s speech tomorrow,

it would be comforting and somewhat productive.

Regardless of that,  we all must do our part to stay prepared and equipped to combat the virus. 

This is where our personal mask enforcement comes in.

There are all sorts of masks that I’ve come across;

Enter any Nigerian pharmacy, you’d see that the disposable masks are being charged at outrageous prices 

Hence, people turned to anything useful to cover their faces

Healthwise, this was a no-no,

which is why the CDC sent us important guidelines 

on how to make personal masks at home

Read More: CDC Guidelines On Making A Mask At Home

Nigerian fashion houses have also tapped into the mask movement.

You’d recall my previous article about the two fashion houses who are spearheading this movement;

Firstly, House of Deola and then,

we witnessed the laudable efforts of children’s clothing store; Ruff ‘N’ Tumble.

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I’ve had personal battles over the Ankara mask.

Firstly, it lacks that protective lining which disposable medical masks definitely have,

so how would anyone feel safe wearing them?

Well thankfully the CDC,

in line with many governments,

has ensured that cloth masks – despite not being medical-grade, still help to provide some protection and certainly protect others from droplets if you cough or sneeze. Masks are 100% cotton.

Now scroll through to see these 100% Cotton Ankara masks you need,

handmade by our fellow Nigerian retailers,

locally and in the diaspora.


Cart Deals by Ola Ayorinde is Located in Nigeria

and stocks the most reliable and price-friendly masks in the nation.

The masks are reusable and 100% cotton Ankara print

Most places sell One Mask For N1k but the kind people at Cart Deals

who understand the struggle and economical downturn

are offering the perfect deal…

4 PCs for 1K

(Available in both Adults and toddler sizes)

Bulk purchases are also available at discounted prices.

Plus! These aforementioned nose masks are made with a special filter for filtration and easy breathing.

Yes! Cart Deals…Wonderful!


Chimzi is a Nigerian owned online retail business with roots in USA.

This brand is dedicated to making sure you’re safe, cute and vocal when it comes to your style and your life.

100% Cotton ankara masks are available

In addition to

The Africa is Not A Test Lab Face Mask

which is an accessory that will do all the talking for you.


I’m already obsessed with any garment DNA by Iconic Invanity whips up

so imagine my elation on discovering their newly introduced Face Mask line


50% of all mask sales from the range will be donated to charitable causes and hospitals

This is just one way, in which DNA by Iconic Invanity is using to make a difference in many lives affected by COVID-19 in Nigeria.


The vibrant coloured masks


Face Mask NG caters to both men and women with prices starting from



This womenswear store is stocking unique Ankara printed masks

and ships worldwide from the United Kingdom.

The masks boast vibrant prints and come with all the instructions and information you may need

General Tips For Best Use

– Do not touch the outer surface while out and about to prevent spreading any germs that would have gathered on the surface of your mask
– Do not pull down to eat and then pull back up
– Take off by pulling the elastic bands over your head
– Do not share masks, PLEASE!

Ideally, you need at least 2 masks to start you off so that you are covered each time you put the last one in the wash.

Wash & Care Instructions

Wash in warm water before use and after each use.

 No bleach.

Iron on a cotton setting.

Do not iron elastic band.


In conclusion, ladies and gentlemen,

No matter what our President says tomorrow-

Extended lockdown or Phase Reopening,

at least now you’re aware of 4 great ways to stay safe and stylish in Ankara amid the Coronavirus.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono