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My mother always told me as much as I criticises people, I should also be able to comment and compliment them when things are done right.

This post is dedicated to the names in the fashion world that aren’t getting enough traction for the good deeds being done.

Not only are these designers creating bespoke quality garments, they are also setting an example for other brands to involve in progressive production methods and innovative textile inventions.

Environmental sustainability & luxury fashion can’t mix? Lies! These brands will show you.

Read on for our roundup of the designers who actually deserve our patronage.

Eileen Fisher

An Illinois-bred designer who makes luxurious and sustainable womenswear with a particular focus on inclusive and petite sizing.

She uses organic, recycled, & sustainable materials to make her garments.

Even the paint she uses for her garments are natural dyes

Stella Mccartney

A fashion brand for men and women, they also do swimwear, sunglasses & bags.

Stella is a member of the ETHICAL TRAINING INITIATIVE, so they don’t play with sustainability.

Stella is popular for being cruelty-free—no fur or leather ever used. In addition to this, (unlike Burberry), they use reengineered cashmere & ethically-sourced wool, organic cotton & recycled textiles for the products.

Mara Hoffman

A womenswear (swimwear) brand.

Mara Hoffman uses recycled fabrics & fibers, hemp, linen, & organic cotton, sustainable packaging & branding for their pieces.

Even the delivery packaging is sustainable.

Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone partnered with a denim recycling program which encourages customers to donate unwanted, old jeans for recycling. (One British brand I absolutely stan).

After the jeans are donated, the denim is then recycled and transformed into insulation for homes.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono




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