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So we asked one of the members of the Accelerate team what her ideal bucket list would look like. Some things, we expected. But some…well, we weren’t ready. Take a look at all the things our girl wants to do:

-Go on a road trip. But no guest houses or roadside hotels. They’re creepy.

-Move to a different country. I’d make this even more interesting by going somewhere with a super difficult language that I probably won’t learn. Or doing something crazy like marrying a citizen. But just for the residency permit.

-Visit all seven continents and yes Antarctica makes the list.-Sleep under the stars. I imagine it could be an awesome experience. Well, unless you’re doing it because you have no house to return to.

-Bring myself to read one of those over hyped books that everyone else has read. Totally thinking about “Rich dad, poor dad” right now…

-Make something for myself from scratch.

-Swim with sharks. Maybe sha. I might bail on this one.

-Shave my hair completely. Like we mean skin cut and shiny scalp.

-Shut down technologically for a week. I think I can make it a whole month… lol. Jk.

-Take part in a city marathon event. Hopefully I won’t faint sha. That’s just awkward.

-Eat something strange. Strange doesn’t mean inedible oh. There aren’t any poison control centers in Nigeria.

-Learn a new skill. Like love making, drinking, swimming or riding a bicycle… they’re all good.

-Stay awake for 24 hours straight and watch myself change slowly into a zombie. Because, why not?

-Get arrested. It doesn’t have to be over murder or something serious like that. Just a minor offense that can land me in jail for a couple of hours will do just fine.

-Have a sleep over at a beach and enjoy the serene atmosphere. I’ll have to somehow figure out to avoid unpleasant breeze and sand in all body orifices.

-Write a note to myself and bury it. Open it many years later say twenty or thirty years and see how far my life has changed.

-Skinny dip. Yup! As in swim completely naked in a body of water. It would be lit!

-Have an alcohol party with friends for no exact purpose.

-Research your family tree. You might be finally having a justification for your Friday night life.

-Put an uplifting note in a bottle and throw it in an ocean. Chances are I might be putting a smile on the face of a random stranger millions of miles away.

-Donate blood. No questions asked, just do it!

-Give some food to a homeless person.

-Crash a wedding reception. Although technically, I live in Lagos and I’ve been to weddings. So even though I didn’t do it on purpose, I’ve already done this one at least sixteen times. Whoops.


Bucket List by Treasure Asanammy

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