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What is the ideal Valentine’s day gift? Would your partner prefer a romantic day out? Or would they prefer a gift? Would a gesture be more effective than a material gift? These are factors that cross every person’s mind (if they are in a relationship) as the day of love approaches and luckily, we have answers to them.

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Gifts: A Picodi survey revealed that women have equal preference for both material and non material gifts on valentine’s day. The most important thing is that you are thinking of them on that day and therefore you made a gesture. So if you can afford to, by her a gift she might like.

In the survey, Women chose perfumes (57%), sweets (43%), plush toys (30%), jewellery (29%) and lingerie (27%) to be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift whereas cosmetics and hygiene products (44%), money (43%), Valentine’s Day card (29%), clothing (14%) and electronic devices (13%) were deemed as unpopular gift choices.

Romantic notes: Yes, this is still a thing. Women still love to receive love notes (no longer called love letters though). It has a cute vintage feel to it and you get to make her smile, just by reading a note. She would remember the note during the day and smile again. She wold show her loved ones the note (if she is into that) and then they wold all ooh and ahhh with her. Do you know how sweet it is for your woman to randomly start smiling to herself, knowing yo are the reason for that smile? It would make the day perfect for both of you.

A ring: Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to propose, period. That would be one Val’s Day memory she would keep with her forever, and she wold have the ring to always remind her of it anyway. So automatically, you cannot forget your proposal anniversary.

Go out: The survey results also revealed that women love to have romantic dinner dates on Valentine’s Day. “among the most popular activities were having a romantic dinner in a restaurant (32%), going out of town (31%),”

Stay home: This does not mean do nothing. Plan a romantic day at home. Run a bath with nice oils and scents, and add scented candles tot he mix. Picodi revealed that women love “taking a romantic bath (24%), making love (23%) and going to the movies (15%)” on Valentine;\’s day, so take advantage of this to get to know your partner’s most favored suit and use it wisely (and judiciously).

So there you have it, now you have no excuse not to give your partner the very best Valentine’s day gift this year. Come back and tell us how it went.

By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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