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Pilates has made a comeback in the fitness world with all the girls drooling over Lori Harvey’s signature abs signing up for pilates classes. The abs are a big bonus but there is so much more to benefit when you incorporate pilates into your lifestyle. 

Often confused with yoga, the main goal of pilates is to strengthen the deep muscles and protect your spine and back. Usually, the exercises are repeated in sets that aim to work your  muscles without exhausting them. Pilates not only strengthens your muscles, but can also help with posture, balance, and flexibility, ultimately elongating or slenderising your figure. According to some, pilates is actually more dynamic and invigorating than yoga. 

Pilates Pose

One of the most exciting things about pilates is that everyone can benefit from it. Whether you’re pregnant or postpartum, eighty or twenty-two, these targeted exercises are great for you and your body. Core strength and painless backs are essential to everyone and these are primary rewards of making pilates a lifestyle choice. According to a pilates instructor, “Pilates transforms the way your body looks, feels and moves.” On average, most people start seeing results from pilates by the first month and this is probably what makes it a favourite.
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If you are ready to hop on this rave, you can begin with a beginner’s group training session that allows you to learn the basics or with a one-on-one class with an instructor. This will help you discover what method or exercises are in line with your overall goals. However, make sure you are checking the credentials and qualifications of your instructors to ensure you are not being trained by someone who either does not prioritise your safety or is just there to benefit from the popularity of pilates. If you don’t trust your instructors, you are not going to be confident in the advice…

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