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By Damilola Faustino

Words and thoughts are very powerful. What you think, say and feed your mind goes a long way in reflecting your personality, character, attitude and behaviour.

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Even though the task may be impossible, extremely cumbersome and complicated, what you say to yourself will make a difference. If you tell yourself- ‘I cannot do this’-definitely you will be unable to perform the task. On the flipside, if you say ‘I can do this.’ What you have done at this point is to reinforce your believes and values. You will be shocked that from nowhere, the energy and motivation will appear and before you are done.

People who are at the top today never got there because they were specially made. We all had a level playing ground and they only took advantage of their ambience to make their lives and the world a better place. Importantly, they used words to uplift themselves and the people around them.

No matter the situation you find yourself-you do not have millions in your account, you searching for a job, or everything seems to be crashing and crushing like a caterpillar bringing down a building, just smile and feed your soul positives and say positives.
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This alone can turn things around.

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