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Some call it a fanny pack, a bum bag, a belt bag—the list goes on.

The bumbag is a small pouch attached to a belt that is worn on the outside of clothing around the waist and used for holding small personal items.

The hip-hugging accessory is back—logo-fied, leopard-printed, embroidered, and embellished—and grabbing fans (and fannies) everywhere from the runway to the streets.

The modern bumbag was actually invented in 1962 by Melba Stone, an Australian, who was possibly inspired by kangaroo pouches, although it took another 20 years for fashion to catch on.


In the 1990s, it found a purpose on the rave scene, allowing dancers to go hands-free, and keep their illegal substances dry, a use that would later contribute to another nickname – “hash bags”.

Bumbags carry a lot of baggage. More than freedom and drug use, they lean towards organisation and airport paranoia, being commonly used to carry passports and receipts.

Some guy may use his to carry “Pop-Tarts and condoms” but other versions are used to carry lip balm or foreign currency, or even wet wipes by well-organised Disneyland mums.

In the slides above are different styles of slaying the bumbag.

Written By Ugochi Obiajunwa

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