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Your skin needs a wide variety of nutrients to help it stay healthy and glowing. By skimping on those vitamins and minerals, you set your skin up for breakouts, dryness, and dullness. Looking to cut back on processed foods? Use these easy tips for getting the job done without a ton of time and effort. You probably won’t see results right away, but stick with it. In a few weeks, you’ll likely start to notice that your skin starts to look and feel better. Good luck!


Add more fruits and veggies to your diet

The great thing about fruits and vegetables, besides how great they taste, is that they are full of fiber. That means they’ll fill you up, while also loading your body with nutrients it needs to stay healthy. That includes vitamins A and C. Any kind of product works and filling up on it leaves less room for junky processed foods.

Drink more water

Soda is one of the worst processed foods ever. It has no nutrition and the sugar takes a real toll on your skin. Cutting soda isn’t easy, but you’ll be so glad once you kick the habit. Start slow instead of going cold turkey – that makes it much more manageable. Enjoy water or unsweetened iced tea instead. Your glowing skin will make it totally worth it.

Eat more fresh meat and prepared meat

Processed meats include things like lunch-meat, bacon, hot dogs and sausages. Switch to fresh meats and your skin will thank you. Try grilled chicken breasts and salmon instead. If you cook them, you can use leftovers for sandwiches or omelets.

Eat at home more often

Restaurant meals are often packed with processed ingredients. If you want to do your skin a huge favor, start cooking more meals at home. This gives you more control over the ingredients you use so you can enjoy a delicious dish that contains no processed foods. You can find great recipes online so you always have a how-to for creating a skin healthy meal for yourself.

Make baked goods rather than buy

Packaged baked goods are some of the worst for your skin. They contain loads of sugar and partially hydrogenated fats that wreak havoc on your skin. To prevent discoloration and dullness, start making your own baked goods from scratch. You can use healthy oils and cut back on the sugar for the benefit of your skin.

Try eating local

When you buy fresh, local foods you are stocking your refrigerator with healthy foods that aren’t processed. Shop at farmers’ markets and you can find local fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, milk and more. Buying these foods makes it easy to skip the processed stuff and they taste way better.

By Damilola Faustino

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