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By Oludara Ogunbowale

Mo AbuduWhen you think or talk about modern Nigerian television, it is nearly impossible not to mention this global brand, Ebony Life TV.

Not only is it Africa’s first global black multi broadcast entertainment and lifestyle network, but it is focused on creating original and inspiring content primarily for black people all over the world.

Ebony Life TV was founded by Mosunmola Abudu, aka Mo’ Abudu, who has been named by Forbes as one of Africa’s most successful women. Since the brand’s Life started in 2013, it has been able to air across 49 countries of the world today, and it further imprints Africa on the global scene.

Its shows like Moments with Mo, Men’s Corner, The Boot and many others were all indigenously produced and have become globally accepted. Not only do these shows have high levels of viewership, they are also very relatable to the average Nigerian and African as a whole.

Back when Nollywood was allegedly referred to as the third largest film industry in the world, (because of the quantity of movies produced per year, rather than quality) Ebony Life stepped up to the plate  producing series, movies and feature films that not only projected the Ideal African narratives, but also made them of exceptional quality!

Ebony Life TV

Great things have been continually coming out of their stables like “The wedding Party” that broke all-time sales records across cinemas in the country and even featured in the international media space. And let’s not forget The Royal Hibiscus Hotel, which was seen at a sold-out screening at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September. Then there are the series “Fifty”, “Lekki Wives”, and more, which all go to show that Ebony Life has proven itself to be one to set the pace.

Royal Hibiscus Hotel

Another huge accomplishment for the brand can be seen in the recent Hollywood Reporter’s listing, which shows the founder Mo Abudu as one of the 25 most powerful women in Global TV!

Now, not only is Mo Abudu receiving awards, she is also giving them out. Through her brand, she has ‘The Sisterhood Awards’, which is slated to take place on the 14th of November this year, and is being organised to celebrate the achievements of unsung hardworking and successful women in various fields. Though nominations have just been concluded, we cannot wait to know who the final winners will be.

Now looking at digital, the mobile App by Ebonylife called Ebonylife ON has been launched and introduced for Africans in diaspora, enabling them to view content on-the-go at a subscription fee. This goes a long way to expand the reach of EL’s content, taking our stories and their appeal to its audiences outside the continent.

Now we are looking to the future offerings of EL, with Wedding Party 2, hitting the cinemas soon and while everyone is looking forward to it, rest assured that this is probably just the beginning of many things that Mo and EL have up their sleeves.

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