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Girls are emotional beings. They react either positively or negatively to the theatrics and behaviours of their partners in a manner which can make or mar the relationship. It is, therefore important that you do some certain things if you are serious about the relationship. Girls won’t say it to you but you will observe it in their actions and reactions. So, we leak the secrets on what girls expect from their bae:


Give money, money… more money

She has so many things to do with money. Makeup, clothes, bags, shoes, Aso-ebi, school fees, hair, hostel…in fact you are her proxy father. Even if you cannot afford all these things do not be tightfisted. The little things you do also count.

Arrive at the agreed time

Some guys are perennial late comers. Girls can be forgiven for their lateness for a date because of their painstaking efforts to look good. But for a guy, it’s unacceptable and ungentlemanly to arrive late.

Never admire other girls

Some guys are addicted to staring or admiring other women, even when they are with their partners. They make it so obvious that she has to playfully touch them in a bit to distract them. This can be very annoying. Guys should make their partners their mirror during a date. So, what is the essence of her looking good if you do not admire her?

Bankroll the whole date

When you are on a date with a Nigerian girl, you will have to settle all the bills. This is because only a handful of women will volunteer to pay.  A guy’s ego will always come to play and this compels him to pay. However, there are other men who don’t care about this, after all, women in the civilised world are happy to pay their bills. Why can’t a Nigerian woman do the same?

Show affection

Like previously said girls are emotional beings and they love to be pampered. Not helping this is the perception that some Nigerian men are not romantic. Show affection and try to make it romantic. And this has nothing to do with sex.

Abandon her

Don’t be surprised some guys can actually abandon their lover at a hotel or restaurant for hours and saunter somewhere without informing her. She assumes that you will call her to let her know your whereabout. If you do not, she will be embarrassed and infuriated when you eventually returns from your ‘aimless’ sojourn.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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