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Even if you’re not really a social media fan and don’t have snapchat, as long as you’re Nigerian, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of ‘Snapchat King’ Bobrisky. Born Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, Bobrisky has trended on Snapchat for months now and has nothing less than 22,000 views every day, especially with his people always wanting to find out who is ‘Bae’.

For months now, Bobrisky has had fans dying to know his ‘bae’ who gifts him cash and expensive things. The mystery bae, who he claims is one of Africa’s richest men, reportedly gave him N7million which he posted pictures of after #cashing it from the bank.

We’ve stumbled on video footage of his interviews where he repeatedly emphasized that he is not gay. We are definitely confused because he’s stated numerous times that he has to ‘perform’ for his male bae to get all this cash. So um…Bob, how far? Listen to what he had to say below:



He further declared his support for the anti-gay law in Nigeria, “We are in Nigeria and there is this law which I am in support of that law because I see no reason why your mother will give birth to you and you will say you will not give birth in future. It is not possible now.”

That did not go well with popular gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi who was very angry at Bobrisky.

Alimi, infuriated by Bobrisky’s comments took to Instagram to call him out saying; ‘In the interview, he was asked if he is gay, he said no and with no prompting said he supports the anti same sex prohibition law 2013. Dear Bobrisky, I have a message for you. I will be very happy to educate you for free on how your bigoted, hateful comments are putting #LGBT people lives at risk. I will also like to let you know, how making money by making fun of what other people are dying from is no f*cking joke. Yes, I will give you and your likes a crash course on decency, human dignity and respect as I can see you lack the fundamentals that makes someone a responsible human being. I will be here if you need me, have a nice day’.

Apologizing to Bisi Alimi and others who felt offended, Bobrisky said:


At this junction ehn, I am now very confused about Bobrisky but I can’t break my head. All I know is he knows how to slay with his makeup and he deffo knows how to play the public. Keep doing you Bobrisky- we’ll be watching.


Written by Damilola Okejide


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