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The Soundtrack You Need: The Underground Railroad

Amazon has a new series called The Underground Railroad. Like its name suggests, it’s set in the United States during the years where slavery was legal. The series is a searing adaptation of Colson Whitehead’s novel and is a cross between realism and fantasy. As you watch, you travel across the blurred lines of both worlds, holding your breath as you try to understand the whirlwind of emotions that each scene triggers. Needless to say, it’s a must watch.

I could go on about the quality of the series, and the storytelling and all the well-captured details. But something worth examining is the collaborative chemistry between executive producer Barry Jenkins and Nicolas Birtell, the series composer. Together, they come up with the most amazing soundtrack.

The Underground Railroad's Thuso Mbedu and Aaron Pierre changed by show |  EW.com

The Underground Railroad Soundtrack:

1. Genesis (2:06)
2. But I Am (1:51)
3. My Brother James (1:35)
4. Arnold Ridgeway (1:41)
5. Caesar’s Theme (3:16)
6. A Soldier (0:53)
7. It’s Time (4:35)
8. The Journey (5:36)
9. North (3:02)
10. A Spirited Nature (3:05)
11. Bessie (2:08)
12. When A Lady Enters (0:58)
13. Queen of Egypt (2:01)
14. Welcome to Your Future (1:13)
15. South Carolina – Social Waltz No. 1 (2:30)
16. Aria (feat. Julia Bullock) (1:03)
17. Glass Boxes (0:58)
18. Penny Candies (3:14)
19. This Is Science (7:57)
20. Compromised (2:30)
21. De-Pillatory (6:41)
22. Resurrection (Outro) (1:22)
23. Searching (Foundation Track) (3:25)
24. Mabel Violins (Foundation Track) (2:04)
25. Caesar’s Theme (Foundation Track) (4:09)

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