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The CEO of the Style Infidel Studios, recently took to Instagram to announce the birth of the first Ever Illustrative Virtual Magazine within this hemisphere.


A lookback at global virtual illustrative magazines from the past

Does anyone remember when Vogue Italia  put out a 7 page illustrative magazine cover when coronavirus first hit the fashion industry hard?

It was an innovative way to react to the lockdown slowing business down,

and also a creative means to spread awareness of the wastage that goes however it was a one off production and I wasn’t pleased about that.

Let’s also cast our minds back to when Vogue was completely an illustrated magazine.

Yes youngins, back in the day,

between the 1910s up until the 1930s, the worldwide periodical which spans 12 countries and more than 4 continents used to be a completely illustrated magazine.

Complete with sewing patterns attached to the back of the publication.

Now Style Infidel has launched Fashioned In Africa to celebrate the rise of African Fashion through illustrative editorials.

By this move, the multi talented style Infidel is not just making old the new new,

He is rewriting history by making his first ever illustrated magazine, a virtual one.


Perks of The Illustrative Virtual Magazine To The Nigerian Economy

It opens up the fashion value chain to more roles; sketch artists, graphic designers, illustrators would be working alongside fashion designers and couture brands to tell their story.

This leads to an increase in job opportunities. More jobs leads to higher GDP for our economy

And the fact that it’s a digital periodical  expands the reach of the magazine.

I would love to know your thoughts in the comments. Are you here for this illustrative  magazine or not?

Because I literally cannot wait and The Style Infidel details what to expect from the first edition.

This publication would feature a dive into Lagos fashion week and how the business birthed some of the most creative designers and brands bi their platform.
I cannot wait 🙂

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono 




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