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Brown skin girls, this topic is muy importante! And so, I’m diving straight into it because we are all at home and need to experiment/perfect our style trends

so after the lockdown we are tensioning everyone in sight. 

Scroll to see the style trends every Brown Skin Girl Needs To Know

The Colour Purple is your friend

The one thing Justine Skye,

and Diamond the rapper

and one of my best brown skin girls,

Jackie Orols,

have in common,

is that they are all brown skin girls

who restored my faith in hair colour experimentation. 


Ditch black clothing and explore vibrance 

 I just told you that colour is your friend yes?

Particularly purple

But what about yellow?

And green,

which was a colour I previously despised.

so make like Ryan and rock your red lip like the firecracker that you are.


Red lips will always make any brown skin girl  look HOT!

        ryan destiny brown skin girl

Tie that hair up in a natural-ish bun

type of dater

Make like Lauren and display your natural locks in a cute bun or

add an extended ponytail for more volume.

Either way you go,

tying your hair up releases some form of youthful exuberance and glow.

If you’re sceptical about exposing and rocking your natural hair,

sis, you need to read up on all my hair care tips.

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A  nude glossy lip

A nude glossy lipstick or lipgloss

will make your pout pop and everyone go crazy.

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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