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I am Ebony and I live in Lagos. I can be likened to a charcoal. You know charcoal? I am as black as charcoal. I am no different from the behind of a pot they use in cooking party Jollof. But one thing you cannot take away from me is my beauty. I am drop-dead beautiful.

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Every guy that walks past me cannot get their eyes off me. They look at me until I got out of their sight.

The Driver of an SUV parked just to gaze at me. I looked at him and I smiled as our eyes struck. In that moment, my heart began to race in anticipation, but sadly he never said a word to me and my heart broke, because the same thing has happened again.

What an irony? I am a beautiful ebony or you may say dark complexioned and confident bae but I am still single. Guys admire me but they don’t say anything. Is there something wrong with me?

I lost my self-esteem, I feel inferior and ugly. I am tired of being ignored! My parents will not even allow me rest.

My mum comes to my room every now and then to tell me to bring a man home. “But mum,  I am only 21”, I say. And she looks at me with scorn and say, “you better bring a man home!”

unnamed (27)Then at a party, I discovered the singular reason why guys have been ignoring me. I observed guys hitting only on  fair ladies. What we popularly refer to as yellow in LagosI even saw bleached yellow.

Yeah, I give it to these girls, they were very pretty. But I can bet that I was the prettiest among all the girls and at the same time, I was the only ebony. The only charcoal. But the guys did not look at me as they were obsessed with yellow.

I could have been angry and frustrated enough to change my skin colour by maybe bleaching my skin. But no, I rose above the stigma.

From that very period, I resolved never to belittle myself because of my skin colour. To be very proud of being dark complexioned.

The colour of the skin should not even be criteria for dating a girl. Now I am very happy and I am even dating a fair skinned handsome bobo.

Black is beautiful. I have learnt that. You have to accept this. Never attempt to bleach to satisfy a shallow guy. And if you are fair, be happy! If you are black be happier!! And if you don’t worry about the colour of your skin, you are the happiest!!!

Written By Damilola Faustino
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