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By John Igbinosun

John IgbinosunPart One.

Love your customer as yourself…

You wake up every morning, extremely grumpy and feeling extremely grumpy. You steal away from bed, to the shower and throw those clothes on wishing there could be an easy way out of this misery called “going to work”

You are stuck in traffic for a little longer than you thought and this gets you even crankier. Unfortunately, you missed the staff bus and had to catch the regular commercial bus and had a fall out with the driver about the route he took, blaming the traffic on him.

You get off and your boss is already in, earlier than you expected. You already know what this means!

Your attempts to try and sneak in are futile, as soon as you manage to rest your oars at your work station, your desk phone rings…. It’s your boss! “See me now” she screams!

After a long sigh, you stroll in there, behind the glass walls….. You are not seen till about 30 minutes later.

Back at your station your first encounter comes in. The first customer of the day. You try to smile, but all that comes out is a snarl.

Only expected as you really didn’t make any effort for self-love.

Let us back up a little.

Imagine everything you went through that morning was the same, but all that changed was your perception. What did you say to yourself when you woke up, what color of tie did you pick knowing you felt grumpy? Did you pass any compliments to anyone on your way to work? Was there any courtesy shown or displayed?

How about your boss? Did you apologize and mean it, or you simply rolled your eyes with the thought of “duh, what new thing can she be saying?”

When last did you do something special for yourself?

john igbinosun

Every single conscious act played out before you take on any task in each day will have a direct effect on those assignments.

From serving a cup of tea to your boss, to drafting a memo and high up to making a presentation to seal a million dollar deal, your thoughts, words and actions will eventually determine the outcome of each chore.

Love yourself, even when you don’t want to or feel like. It is the only thing left you have when all other channels of encouragement or support fail you.

Love yourself, not because you are perfect, but because you are not. This will remind you that you are worth the best, in spite of.

Love yourself, because you will never be able to love your customers if you fail this first duty to you.

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