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The internet went ballistic after Adesua and Banky W announced that they were engaged and getting married pretty soon. It came as a shock to everyone. Many people doubted the news, thinking they were playing out a script. However, the news sank in when other celebrities began congratulating the lovers who both appeared in The Wedding Party movie, one of the best films of last year.  There is so much to learn from this amazing relationship. Here are some of them:

banky w

Keep your relationship off social media

They did not show off their relationship to the world through the eyes of social media. Hence, they did not give anyone to evaluate their relationship. Of course, trolls were put at bay! Your love life will definitely blossom if it is off social media.

Know it is time to give up the games

We all play games. Some play it well like Banky while others are reckless like Davido and Wizkid who have baby mamas. Interestingly, Banky W knew when to stop playing games and focus on one-Adesua. You can only imagine the women who will be disappointed by this news.

You can find love anywhere

You can find love anywhere online and offline, on the screen, on the street, at bus stops, at the club or mall. Shine your eyes!

Only go ahead when you are very sure

Do go ahead with anything you are unsure of.

Tell few friends and take her to family

Not many people knew about the relationship. Only a few trusted friends knew and they did well not to leak it to the public. And to show he is serious he took her to his parents! By the way who won’t be serious with a bae like Adesua?

…Then go public

Burst everybody’s brain by going public. It doesn’t have to be at Adesua & Banky W’s magnitude.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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