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TripZappWe heard the Nigerian Railway Corporation have been hard at work trying to get railway transportation back up and running, so we just had to go see for ourselves.

We got to the Lagos Terminus in Iddo to catch the 1pm first class train to Ijoko, Ogun state-the last stop on the daily Lagos trains. The ticket fare each way was N300.

ogun-state-train-trip tripzappThe ticket itself was an interesting small wooden chip. We showed our tickets at the entrance to the platform. Not much scrutiny in actually checking the tickets, though that’s probably because it’s usually just one train loading at any given time.

ogun-state-train-trip tripzapp
ogun-state-train-trip tripzappNo complaints though. We got on the train looking for the first class coach. Turned out the whole train is first class and for N300. How great is that? We immediately started click-clicking away on our cameras while there were few people on the train. People apparently aren’t too fond of cameras and photographing, and in the station it’s frowned upon so we had to be careful. We were rather impressed by the state of the train-clean, air-conditioned and comfortable.

ogun-state-train-trip tripzappThe train even prompts you when the next station is approaching. Everyone was orderly too, perhaps because it was the first class train.ogun-state-train-trip tripzappogun-state-train-trip tripzapp

ogun-state-train-trip tripzappogun-state-train-trip tripzappWe finally departed at 1:30pm and got talking to a few people who regularly travel by rail. We must’ve looked like tourists so they were quick and happy to give us the lay of the land.

First things first, they warned us not to attempt photographing if we ever took the second class train. Remember how we found out the whole train was a first class train? Well there’s a whole train that’s the second class train. You’ve probably seen that train. It’s yellow and green and packed full with people spilling out, hanging off or riding on top of the train.

There’s no air conditioning but it’s the cheaper option especially at peak periods when the first class train fare goes up to N750. Some people said to probably not try it. I guess we looked too “butty”. Some others said we should because there’s so much fun to be had on the train. Maybe we will.ogun-state-train-trip tripzapp

ogun-state-train-trip tripzapp

I would love to go on, but I am almost positive you want to read the rest next week… So as always, I aim to please. But here is a video of our trip to keep you till then:

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