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The True Reason Why Kamala’s Vogue Cover Is Causing Outrage

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Kamala Harris is many things; firstly – the February 2021 cover star of VOGUE US,

the first ever politician of Afro and Asian descent who emerged as vice president-elect of the United States of America

She served as the attorney general of California

after which she rose to the ranks of junior United States senator from California.

An astute lover of CONVERSE trainers paired with a smart casual fit.


As akin to VOGUE, the periodical loves to celebrate women in politics

who have reached pinnacles of success when it comes to presidency and leadership


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And it isn’t surprising that they gave Kamala her own cover


There were actually 2 covers one of her looking smart casual in a black and white ensemble

The other was in a sky blue and grey (more formal) ensemble.


For the first time in history, creative control was handed over tot the cover star with Kamala styling herself in the garments she loves best.  Yet the avid followers of VOGUE emerged unimpressed.



The accusations

The internet is currently being riddled with accusations of Kamala being blindsided by vogue since they opted for the more informal, authentic and approachable nature


We heard back from vogue who stand by their decision s

so whats the real reason y’all are mad?


Can those enraged online secretly be Trump supporters/sore losers who just want Kamal’s name in mess to drag her and her fashion through the mud?

This sounds about right after Trump complained that (soon to be ex-)wife Melania, and model has been snubbed for a Vogue cover since entering the White House.

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