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You’ve secured your tickets, you’ve locked down transportation to and from the event now, on to the next big thing, THE OUTFIT

What do you wear to the most fashionable event of the year?

How do you pick the perfect outfit to an event where you’re judged by how you look?


This is Your Ultimate Guide to Dressing for Lagos Fashion Week.

Keep It Casual

SIS! The worst thing you can do to yourself is to get overwhelmed. You already know your unique style so just have fun with your outfits!

Aduke casual FW

Image via Pinterest

Keep it Colourful

A pop of color would spice up your look and make you a ‘photog magnet’. Street style photographers love love colors. So go crazy with the outfits, accessories and even hair styles. 

Colourful Hair

Image via Instagram @fashionweek

Dare to be different

Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns and textures….darling anything goes… This is your opportunity! Go wild with bold prints and test out new combinations. Pull out the fanny packs, the vintage dresses, the whole shebang…

pharell williams

Image via Instagram @GQ

 Drape your outerwear

I swear by this completely… Wear your jacket draped over your shoulders (or slouched at your elbows) . This instantly ups your outfit game.Draped outerwearImage via Pinterest

Stick to the stuff you know

Don’t make the horrible mistake of wearing heels and uncomfortable clothing just to keep up with the Joneses. Dressing for fashion week should be fun—but honey, not at the expense of practicality; if you’re not a ‘heels girl’ stick to your flats and trainers. If you can do heels its still good to have  backup flats for when you need to run around.

More Power to the Power Suits

Power suits are no-fail options for any event—but especially for fashion week. GUYS AND GIRLS ALIKE, opt for a power suit to keep your look sleek, debonair and sophisticated.

Co-ordinate your colours

When in doubt, rely on all-black-everything, all-white-everything or a solid monotone.

Coordinate with a friend/friends

You can’t sit with us’ vibes will be served! Coordinate with your bestie or your clique to serve major Lagos Fashion Week goals. This is a sure way to get snapped by street style photographers and be a conversation starter.

Co-ordinate your day time to nighttime outfit

Not only are coordinate sets low-maintenance to assemble, they are super versatile when styled separately with other statement pieces. For those who are rushing from work straight to the venue opt for a two piece set.

Veronia in colourImage via Instagram @veronicaodeka

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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