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The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For The Home-Bae

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From satin robes to laze around all Sunday, to an at home date night  and matching pj sets, our beauty editor has curated the perfect Valentine’s gifts for the homebody couple. 


A good number of us are still working from home, therefore, when thinking of the best type of gifts for your loved one,

why not opt for items and services that would serve the homebody on Valentine’s Day and beyond.


A Cute At Home Outfit 

Every guy knows that there is something about a clean set of sweatpants that makes you feel snug yet elevated.

Since Valentine’s Day is on the weekend, why not get your man a cute fit for your stay at home date?

This will be the gift that keeps on giving really because he’d be chuffed to receive a new set of clothes,

you’d not be able to stop staring at him

and the heat will surely be ignited this Valentine’s Day.

(Click here for the ultímate indoor outfit options from RUBAN CLAN)


Comfy At Home Slippers or Socks 

Most women already have their snuggly slippers to wear in the house

but trust me,

men love a good pair of comfy indoor slippers too.  And if slippers aren’t your man’s preference, socks will pose as a great alternative


to keep his feet cared for and protected whilst lounging in your home.

(For tips on where to purchase: L. J Russett is the plug).


A Satin Robe 

the best davido

A Satin Robe will easily be one of the best purchases you’d invest in for yourself and your partner.

They’re comfy yet regal and you can rock them all year long.

(My advice, head to The Loungestyle ASAP and let your budget guide you.)



Who here cannot stand a lush smelling home?

The answer is NOBODY!

Since diffusers tend to be on the costly side of life, candles are my go-to!

ambience candles

They’re just so peaceful and calming. Plus there are so many made in Nigeria brands you can try!

As I always say, diffusers are great

but there’s just something about the candle ritual that makes you feel so at ease;

much like your issues are melting away.

(Worried about where to find the best candles so last minute? Don’t worry, Col Fragrances is your plug for stunning customizable candles.)

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono 

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