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Menswear brand the Way It Fits (tWIF) has released a first look to its latest collection tagged “Exodus”

the way it looks

According to the statement following the release:

“Exodus” which expresses the brand’s signature appeal which is synonymous with sophistication and glamour. Silhouettes from pieces in the collection are salient and razor-sharp, each representing a movement; a movement in fashion trend; from minimalism to maximalism; maximalism to minimalism. It expresses the revolving fashion cycle as ensembles are moved from simple to haute couture.

lasisi elenu

The designs lean towards subdued, natural colors of mostly black and skin hues teased with a hint of red and blue. Bearing shades of jacquard and abstract patterns, intricate embellishment fanned the edges finishing up the elegant, well-tailored pieces.

The lookbook features comedian Lasisi Elenu and Model Abelel Attai looking every inch dapper and classy staying true to the brand’s culture of making exquisite bespoke apparels for the stylish gentleman.

By Sarah Oyedo

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