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The Women’s Month Gift Guide For Your Bestie Who Has Kids

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First and foremost, it’s important to know that not only on International women’s day,

but all month long, we shall celebrate the women in our lives and uphold womanhood any way that we can!

For this reason,

our beauty editor put together a gift guide for the women who deserve the be celebrated the most…

the mothers!

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Scroll through to see perfect women’s month gift ideas for your besties, sisters and aunties with kids



The Women’s Month Gift Idea #1

Mums seldom have the time to look cute, because they run the household their business and everyone’s business

A unit will shorten their beauty prep time and have them looking snatched in no time.

Our beauty editor recommends a ponytail from NHR as the perfect gift idea.

NaturalHairRocks (NHR) is a female led beauty brand that specializes in hair pieces and units that complement your Afrocentric texture.

The brand is having a massive sale which will run between Saturday the 13th of March and Sunday the 14th of March so get in there as fast as you can.




Gift Idea #2: A moment of peace at THE NAIL DIARIES

A break! Ask any Mum what she wants and it’s a bit of time to herself. Be it a pamper day with her at the Nail Diaries or just babysitting her kids whilst she goes to watch a movie at the cinema. Gifting any woman a break so the perfect present.

For more information about The Nail Diaries: SEE HERE 

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono 

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