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It’s something that you have probably seen on the bottles and tubs of lots of different beauty and skin care products over the years, but do you actually know what the benefits of shea butter are? Here are five of the key reasons you should have shea butter in your beauty routine.

shea butter

Effective decongestant

Shea butter is an extremely effective nasal decongestant. While many people reach for over-the-counter sprays or even menthol and peppermint topical rubs, shea butter apply topically to the nose and chest allows for improved breathing and reduces nasal congestion.

Perfect moisturiser

You can’t do much better than shea butter if you want to get maximum moisture into your skin. If you live in a place that has lots of weather changes that can make your skin dry, then shea butter should be regarded as your new best friend. It contains tonnes of natural oil that can be absorbed by the skin to make it as soft and hydrated as it can possibly be.

Natural Eczema Treatment

Studies have found that products which include shea butter in them are able to reduce eczema significantly and associated itching as well. Itching is noticeably reduced by as much as 79% in many cases, making it ideal for persons with chronic allergies or conditions.

Arthritis management

While commonly used as a topical rub, shea nut oil can also effectively help treat symptoms of arthritis. It is reported that symptoms of information, pain and muscular range of motion are all improved following consumption of shea nut oil or purified butter.

Improves hair condition

Split ends are common in hair that is low in natural oils, and lacking moisture. Shea butter contains high amounts of the natural oils linoleic and oleic acids, which help to safeguard hair against the effects of sun and dehydration. The use of shea butter by itself or in combination with other products found commonly in many cosmetic preparations can significantly reduce the number of split ends found on hair.

Photo credit: Live Moor

By Damilola Faustino

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