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We all like a sense of familiarity, especially when we go or visit a new place or environment, there is a sense of comfort we get when we see familiar faces, familiar food, or listen to familiar music.

It’s safe to say that this is where 21 year old O’plerou Grebet got his inspiration he said “my idea was to create emojis Africans can relate to”.

Grebet created the Zouzoukwa Africans emojis, Zouzoukwa means image in the bété language. The young man from Côte d’Ivoire has created over 350 downloadable emojis that celebrates  the idea to create the emojis came to him while he was chatting with his friend on whatsapp, and he realized that there were no emojis that depicted true Ivorian cultures.

Grebet admits that when he first created the emojis he really didn’t have any business objective attached to it, he just wanted them to be available and usable. But as the number of users grew, he realized he could make sponsored stickers that companies could pay for through non obtrusive advertising during conversations

O’plerou wants to study 3D design and virtual reality so he can find new ways of honoring Africa’s rich culture and traditions. He won the Young talent award at the Africa Digital Communication competition.

He already works with brands and companies such as ELLE Côte d’Ivoire, Imalk concept and CANAL+. For ELLE Côte d’Ivoire and Imalk he created limited edition Tote bags with 3 Zouzoukwa for ELLE’s anniversary and for CANAL+  he made emojis for their social networks during the World Cup.

By: Oretha Chukwukere

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