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These Black Beauty Brands Are Actually Not #Blackowned

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Do you recall our article about ways to support #blackowned beauty brands in order to uphold the Black Lives Matter movement?

When it comes to beauty brands black people love to patronize we are quite familiar with names such as Black Opal, Sleek, Black Up, Milani, and more.

However, what we aren’t familiar with is the truth about who actually heads these brands; not black people for sure.

This is not an issue but in keeping to consumer rights, every buyer must at least be aware of who they are supporting seeing as this year many buyers have been urged to support black businesses.

BLACK UP – Not #Blackowned

It’s important to note that whilst many black users love black|Up, it is not technically #blackowned and has not had a black CEO since 2007-2008.

The story about “How #BlackUp Curiously Lost Its Black Founder Fabrice Mahabo” by Reine Diamante is everywhere

yet, it received low social media shares and hence may be the reason why black|Up still appears on many black-owned beauty brands lists.


MILANI- Not #Blackowned

Many Black women, myself included, thought Milani Cosmetics was black-owned.

After a June 5, 2020, Instagram post from the Pull Up For Change account went live, the opposite was uncovered.

This means that when you purchase MILANI products, the truth is that you’re actually not supporting a small black enterprise as many believe.

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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