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I’ve put together a list of jobs hiring despite the deadly virus crippling the economy and taking lives.

We can all agree there has been an increase in levels of unemployment since the Covid-19 pandemic,

Therefore, we all need to stay aware and enlightened.

Grocery Stores

In Europe and the UK, grocery chains such as Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, and Sainsbury are ramping up, according to the BBC.

In the US, Instacart, Walmart, and Amazon have each announced they have plans to hire close to half a million people, collectively.

In Nigeria, I’ve noticed more hands-on deck to deal with grocery deliveries hence it’s clear that the grocery store industry is surely hiring amid the pandemic.


Restaurant Delivery

Did you know that companies that stock and deliver food are on a hiring spree? Yes, delivery jobs are steadily hiring.

Dominos has already won when it comes to their fortified delivery system; their business structure has been one to make fast and speedy delivery a part of their brand ethos.

More restaurants are following suit

These Restaurants Are Offering Free Delivery Amid The Pandemic

By investing in a dispatch delivery service to ensure they deliver client’s favourites dishes to their doorsteps

Whilst making the transition easy for those who love to dine in.

Healthcare workers

I recently spoke about the increased number of COVID cases and how this will lead to an increased number in the demand for health workers.

Already we’ve seen reports saying that

retired health workers have come out of retirement to start practising the science and helping their community one way or the other against the pandemic.

Digital Fashion School (Online Learning)

Whether the learning involves virtual school for children

or university courses being taught in order to ensure the exams are still taken;

or if its a digital fashion school or virtual tutorial…

The truth is that online learning is a perfect way to make some money as everyone is at home looking for a new skill to learn.


In order to stay COVID-free, you also need to make sure you’re staying healthy and this has led to so many people being more intentional about their health and therefore longer lines at the pharmacies hence an increased demand for workers in pharmaceuticals.

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