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Some Nigerian SoundCloud artistes are the new wave in the Nigerian music industry, and with the amount of numbers and followers they are getting, it’s only a matter of time before they become a household favorite. Here’s a couple of them you should give a listen, as in….right now.



26-year-old rapper and producer, Sute, is part of the Abuja based collective known as Bantu. These guys are no joke and take their craft seriously. With four mixtapes already Sute has been gathering momentum and his time is about to come. Sute’s Soundcloud page is a music lover’s delight. If you like your hip-hop with a touch of jazz and lyrics relevant to this era we are in, then Sute is your guy.

Tay Iwar

Tay iwar

Co-creator of the Bantu collective, Tay is arguably one of the founders of these new wave of Soundcloud artistes. Tay was just 17 years old when he debuted his Passport EP in 2014. If you haven’t listened to this EP, then you’re missing out on one of the greatest EP’s to ever come out of Nigeria. The EP was so good even M.I had to sample a song off it. Tay’s music is soulful and emotional, he writes, produces and engineers his own music. Talk about genius stuff.


Currently at the forefront of the Nigerian new school wave and Soundcloud artists. Odunsi is the face of the Soundcloud artists and the Alte movement. His 2016 Time Of Our Lives EP had songs that landed a spot on Spotify’s Viral 50 and a feature on Billboard’s playlist. Odunsi is already building a massive online fan base and the mainstream media is already taking note. The pioneer of afro-fusion, a term which he uses to describe his sound is a mixture of genres like afrobeat, soul, R&B and electronica. Don’t say we told you so but Odunsi is about to transform Nigerian music.


Wani’s introductory single Instaman was an afro-pop delight in 2017, and if his 2018 Lagos City Vice EP is anything to go by then Wani’s sound is about to define the summer . His sound is a mixture of the new wave afrobeats, afropop and Caribbean sound. Wani is just a year-in since his debut single Blem but his music is already attracting a lot of ears. His feel-good summer time vibe sound is about to be the soundtrack of Summer ’18


23 year old singer and producer, Damilola ‘Minz’ Aminu is not your average new wave guy. The Fireboy as he calls himself is one of the budding stars of the next generation. Spotting his signature dyed hair, Minz is hard to miss. Minz draws a lot of comparison to Tekno and that isn’t far fetched, they both have similar sounds but one pays attention to his lyrics. I’ll leave you to figure out which one.

Lady Donli

If there’s a first lady of the new wave, Lady Donli holds that position. Lady Donli is constantly experimenting and her sound is constantly evolving. With 2 projects under her belt already, Lady Donli is armed and ready to take over. With her ever growing fan base and brilliant marketing tactics it’s not hard to see why her music is travelling fast

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