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These hair-saving turbans will come in handy for any indoor celebration you’re having this public holiday.

Scroll through to see where to buy them

and get some inspiration on

how to take

stay-at-home to slay-at-home.

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Honestly, Wanni Fuga is my number one retailer

when it comes to Islam-compliant clothing

and modest dressing.

Scroll to see their amazing turban collection to hide any hair shame and help the Easter slay this weekend.

Evergreen in a silky fabric,

this turban will feel good while making you look bomb!

Feeling a little extra?

Go for this embellished evergreen beauty from their Tempest Turban Collection

Brides you may even consider wearing a turban for your D-day, because  this particular range is too heavenly to pass up

And I know I mention this all the time so you probably won’t forget

When Dimma Umeh, beauty blogger,

did this fuschia pink turban justice for the January Cover magazine?


When it comes to shapes, styles, textures and more,

that’s where Abaya comes in.

They boast a turban range filled with unique craftsmanship.



The orange crushed velvet turban is the springtime addition you need in your wardrobe.

whilst this red-hot peacock turban is too busy defying gravity.

I’m getting all the Easter slay feels from Chigul right now in this divine gold applique turban.


If you’re in no mood to even face the delivery man based on your quarantine

consider trying a DIY turban with a piece of cloth, scarf even scraps of denim at home.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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