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By Damilola Faustino

Like the clothes you wear, the space you live in says a lot about you. From what’s inside your bathroom to the state of your bedroom, it can go a long way in determining the outlook of your home. As such, there are things you need at home especially if you are a man, to make it look good and well, homely. Here are some of these things:



The days of stuffing your phone inside a glass should be well over. If you want to stand any chance of getting a party started, you need some decent speakers. That’s not to say you need a multi-room wireless speaker situation either. What you need is at least one speaker that performs on two levels: aesthetics and sound quality.


Every man, whether teetotal or a total lightweight, needs some well-designed glassware. As with your wardrobe, start by ticking off the basics: a few tumblers, the odd wine glass and something to sip with.

Comfortable armchair

A handsome chair can also be used to add character to an otherwise toned-down room. So, get a colourful chair to add colour and style to your room.

Home bar

A home bar will save you the time of going out to buy drinks whenever you have a visitor or you feel like sipping something. As such, stock your home will some nice and healthy beverages.

A tool-kit

A toolkit will come handy when you need to fix something in your room. You do not need to go borrowing or call an expert to assist or repair your gadgets. You can fix it yourself.

Wall art

There are two things a good piece of wall art should do. The first is that it should please the eyes and it should look good, wherever it’s hanging. You do not need to break the bank to get an art piece.

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