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By Damilola Faustino

Granted, there are no worry-free relationships but there are some things you should never worry about, because once these things entre your worry list, then your relationship has been compromised and you either have to work hard to fix it or, well, you know the drill. We worry too much about our relationships and most times, the things we worry about are really out of our control. Continuing this trend will only make you gloomy and despondent.

If your partner is trustworthy

Trust may be lost this due to certain events that may happen that may have happened in the past. But if you want to move forward, and have a healthy relationship, then this shouldn’t be an issue. It is either you trust your partner or you simply let them go.

If your relationship is working out

Worrying about whether or not it is working out is just a waste of time. This is because worrying generally leads to problems. Do you best to make it work and leave the rest.

The message they share on social media

For every message they share on social media, you read meanings into it. You go as far as replying these messages thus causing unnecessary frictions in your relationship. Just read the message and move on.

How much time you are spending apart

If you spend a lot of time away from your partner, you may start to worry that it may be the beginning of the end. But, in most times, it’s just a sign of a healthy relationship.

 Whether Or not you will cheat

This can really be a huge worry especially if it has happened in the past. This can cause some people to worry about the possibility of their partner cheating again, even when they show no such signs. Not only will you be miserable, you will stir up conflict that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

What your friends think

For whatever reason, your friends may not approve of who you are dating. But the truth is you should not be concerned about that because your relationship is your business.

Who you are chatting or texting

Checking your partner’s phone wanting to know who they are texting or chatting with will simply raise your blood pressure. As a result, you will be prompted to confront your partner with what might be false accusations.

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