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By Damilola Faustino

It can be very frustrating to wait for feedback after a very gruelling interview. If the interviewer does not get back to you after a while, it is alright to send a follow-up email to find out the state of things about the position. But, you do need to be careful about exactly what you say in your follow-up email, to avoid putting off your potential employer.
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Here are things you should never say in a follow-up email after an interview.


This job would be so good for me, because…

This is a trap that’s easy to fall into. You want to talk about all of the ways that new role would positively impact your life. The truth is prospective employers don’t care. What they are most concerned about is how you will add value to their company—as opposed to how they can benefit you. Say This Instead: “I’m looking forward to discussing this role more, as well as how my extensive marketing experience can help your company gain increased recognition in the industry.”

I need to hear back from you by…

The company that invited you for an interview can take forever before they give you feedback-that is if they want to. On your part, you are tired of waiting and you decide to give a deadline to the hiring manager or employer. This is wrong. Say This Instead: “I’m wondering if you have a timeline in place for when you’re aiming to make your decision?”

Why is this taking so long?

When it comes to your exchanges with that potential employer, however, you don’t want to let any complaints slip out—regardless of how frustrated you’re becoming. Remain upbeat and positive. Good things take time, and you need to be willing to wait for them. Say This Instead: “I know the hiring process can take time, and I’m eager to use any next steps to prove my value to your organization.”

If I don’t get this job, I don’t know what I’ll do…

You’ve been refreshing your inbox for ages, and those long periods of not hearing anything are enough to make anyone crazy. However, emotional threats like this one won’t do you any favours. On the contrary, they only make you seem desperate—and perhaps even a little unstable. Yes, you want that job. But, you still need to avoid these types of phrases that place even more of a burden on that employer. Say This Instead: “I’m still very interested in your company and this position, and I am looking forward to any next steps.”

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