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By Damilola Faustino

Crop tops have been one of the biggest fashion trends for a couple of years now, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be going away any time soon! Even if you aren’t much of a trend follower, crop tops are a great way to show off a little skin in a more understated way. They can suit all kinds of styles, and despite what you might think, there’s a crop top out there for every body type! So, if you decide to wear a crop top, here are things you to do before you adorn one.

Give yourself some breathing room

Snug tops are notoriously unforgiving. Ones that extend past your body create the illusion of a smaller middle. Hence, give yourself some breathing room by ensuring that your wear is not too tight.

Be cautious of shapewear

Crop tops and shapewear are opposites on the wardrobe spectrum, but if you don’t want to part with style, just make sure you cannot see any of it from any angle. You should basically be able to do a workout and still not see even a sliver of undergarment.

Prep your skin

Wearing a crop top is like having flashing neon arrows pointing at your stomach: Everyone will be looking. Make sure your skin is in prime shape by waxing (if necessary), moisturising, and resisting the impulse to self-tan.

Keep everything else conservative

In the Choose Your Own Adventure of skin exposure, if you select midriff, remember that cleavage, back, side-boob, under-butt, and all other potentially erogenous zones get covered. One is more than enough.

Stand up straight

And while you’re at it, sit straight and walk straight. Good posture not only looks more refined, it also prevents innumerable weird folds, bumps, rolls, and any unflattering angles that result from crouching forward with your shoulders slumped.


You can suck it in and starve yourself all you want to try and whittle down your size, but eventually, you’re going to have to breathe, and you’re going to have to eat. And that’s OK.

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