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Written By Damilola Faustino

Babymama is a lady or woman who already has a child but is unmarried; and that is the current future ambition of many Nigerian big gurls. You know, since they get to accept child support from their baby daddy, earning them a source of income for the rest of their lives. But that’s none of our business.

Back to our current business (because that initial one will be our business soon enough), there are the virtuous babymamas who were simply jilted by the bad boys or Yoruba demons out there. For these ones, life may be a bit difficult, especially if you find yourself falling in love with them.  If this is you, we share the things you need to know about dating a baby mama:

She won’t fall for you like a pack of cards

Once bitten, twice shy. She will never fall for you like a pack of cards. All your sweet and honeylicious words will never sway her. So, if you are unserious, do not even talk to her about dating because the perception has been implanted in her that men are scumbags!

She will always put her child first

No matter how much she loves you, her child will always come first. You are likely not to be the first on her mind. So, do not be surprised if in the middle of a dinner date she leaves to go home to take care of her child. You have to be extremely patient and understanding.

She will not commit herself until you are serious

A baby mama will always be skeptical about men because of previous disappointments. So, do not expect her to commit. Even when you show her all the affection in the world, she will always frustrate you that you may begin to think that she doesn’t want to get married. But the truth is she is being conscious.

Forget about sex 

If it is sex you are looking for sex, you will not get it from a baby mama. You just wasting your time. So, all fuck boys should stay off!

Be sure you can accommodate the child

Dating a baby mama means you are dating two people-the mother and the child. It is not negotiable. It is not about being able to take care of the kid but also the ability to love the child as your own. Some guys or men cannot do this. They will ask why should I take care of another man’s child?

She will never lower her standards for you

Not all baby mamas have terrible morals or are financially down. It may be that the guy they trusted so much betrayed them after they got pregnant. In fact, she is financially ok. So, treat are with respect if you are truly interested in her.

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