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For many Nigerians, aside from the normal thoughts of struggle, suffering and corruption, when asked to think about their country, one of the first things that comes to mind is partying. As Banky W once said: “ain’t no party like a Lagos party” because we can all agree that Lagos is really the party capital of Nigeria and chief of Owambe.

So, you’ve been invited to an owambe and what next?

Find a tailor that uses their brain to think and not their wallet and find a style that is sure to get you featured on Bella naija. Here are some owambe essentials in order to survive the upcoming Owambe season because we know you have to start preparing early.



Nowadays, it seems like Gele has become an art with new outrageous styles emerging everyday. Whether you’re a simple gele girl or an over the top aunty, there is a gele for you out there.

The most important thing when choosing your Gele is to ensure that it is a plain colour that goes with your main outfit! Some people see gele as totally unimportant, but whilst it’s definitely not essential, it plays a big role in your overall look and can be compared to the “cherry on top”

Overall the Gelé is the second least important part of the whole outfit (after shoes) and some people even choose to go without it.

If you do choose to go without a gele, you might find a sleek ponytail to be a stylish alternative



Nowadays were starting to see less Iro and buba on the dance floor. In the past iro and buba was the go to style for owambe, but with fashion changing every day, the younger generation tend to stay away from that, and stray towards gowns and dresses and combining the designated pattern with a plain loose fabric that can easily be styled to your desire.












Because of the stiff nature of most lace and other materials used for most Owambes, it is really easy to manipulate them and create ruffles with them. For this reason, ruffles are a popular and beautiful addition to any outfit!














When choosing your shoes, it is so important to think about comfort and practicality. Will you be able to dance in it? Will you pull a muscle? More often than not you can get away with wearing nice slippers. But if you  are an awarded high heels wearer then you do you boo! If you are still looking for a bit of height then sandals with kitten heels might be the right choice for you.



By: Shonubi Dara

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