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There are lots of reasons why anyone would want to travel alone. It could be the desire to see new places or the zeal to explore by oneself. Regardless of the reasons, there are things that need to be known before you go anywhere. 

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Firstly, make sure that someone at home has your contact information and travel details. Loved ones believe that traveling alone can sometimes be unsafe so in order to give them peace of mind leave them with your travel information, contact details, hotel details and any information that regards where you are. It can also serve as a backup in case you lose any of them.


Another thing to remember when traveling alone is to make copies of important documents like your passport. These copies could be useful in case of theft or loss. Whatever the reason, they are still good to have. 

When traveling alone, another good thing to remember is to bring a book. For those who wish to go on long trips, bringing a book can help get through those boring bus rides or flights. I’d recommend bringing a novel or language learning book for those who travel to places where they speak a different language from you.

Something that is also vital to know when traveling alone is your human connections. Before you travel you could ask your loved ones to help connect you with other friends they might have in the area or even family. If they help, this can help reduce the stress and cost during your travels.

Also, when traveling solo, pass information about your whereabouts to people. When you travel alone, it’s a good time to brag like “guys, guess who just landed in Berlin”. By passing messages like this online, it allows people to know what’s happening on your trip so that they know you’re alright. Just to keep track of your whereabouts in a safe way. However, be wary of oversharing so you don’t get stalked. A simple facebook check-in will do or location tag on Instagram.

The last thing you’ll need to know about traveling alone is that you are alone. As you’re traveling alone, you don’t need to be mindful of anyone so you can go all out for yourself. When you travel alone, that’s the best time to satisfy all your cravings and visit where you want to. Do what you want and enjoy your trip. You only live once!

By: Ashiwe Michael

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