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By Damilola Faustino

Computers are surprisingly durable machines. If you have ever accidentally dropped yours on the floor, you’d know that. Under most normal circumstances, your computer can handle being throw in a backpack, moved around on airplanes, used both indoors and out, and running for several hours daily. However, there are things you should not do to your PC, as long as you want to keep it running. We highlight some of these things:


Forget to plug it into a surge protector

While most people plug their computers into the wall without even thinking about it, this can cause a real problem for your computer’s hard drive. Even under the best of circumstances, electrical sockets are vulnerable to power surges. Commonly caused by outages, and other power interruptions, voltage fluctuations can damage your computer’s internal components, and contribute to early hard drive failure.

Allow it to get dirty

As your computer runs, it uses its internal fan to move air around and keep sensitive electronic components cool. Over time, however, these fans attract dust and particles, which can build up in your PC’s casing and become a real hazard. To keep your computer from breaking down, clean it regularly.

Force anything closed

Whether it’s a CD tray on your desktop or a USB cover on your laptop, jamming anything closed on your computer is a way to break things and create the need for a costly repair. If something is stuck on your computer, try closing it gently. If that doesn’t work, take it to your computer repair place to be fixed.

Carry it uncovered

To keep your computer safe from cracks, be sure you’ve got it covered in a case or sleeve when you take it out of the house. This protects your PC against accidental drops and keeps its more sensitive components safe.

Install unknown software

When it comes to your computer’s software, you should be very careful about your choice. Instead of installing anything that suits your fancy, be choosy about which sites you trust and which you don’t. This is because there are so many malicious software out there.

Forget about app updates

Not updating your computer’s software is an easy way to put your entire system at risk. This is why it is advisable that you enable auto-updates on your system. This keeps your computer and its programs free of security loopholes.

Leave it open

If you’ve been using your laptop, close it before you walk away. The reason for this is simple: your keyboard is one of the most vulnerable parts of your laptop. Beneath each key is a complex series of electrical circuits and tiny components. To keep them as safe as possible, the laptop needs to be closed when not in use.

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