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There are so many things you think are true about the food we eat daily. well, we are here to help change those perceptions and tell you like it is.

What you think: Fresh veg is better than canned or frozen veg

So you want to cook a meal to impress that janded chick you like, so you are running around Shoprite trying to get the ingredients you saw on Chef Fregz Instagram. And then you find yourself at the canned good aisle and say “God forbid, canned stuff is for bachelors. This babe is getting fresh goods tonight!” because in your mind canned goods, frozen stuff and processed junk all go hand in hand right down the unhealthy lifestyle road, right?

Think again:

Do you live on a farm? Near a farm? Know someone that sometimes goes to a farm? Well then in that case, what happens is that as soon as the veg is uprooted it starts decaying and loosing nutrients till it gets to your house. So imagine the journey, the sitting on the store shelf, and then sitting in your fridge. And in most cases it even gets moved around the globe, on planes, trains, boats, and even carts.

This is why the frozen and canned goods you look down on are actually the more nutritious. They get uprooted and then frozen right away, so in actual fact, those veggies get to keep as much of their nutrients as possible.

And now you know!

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