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We’re all at one point or another forced to eat a bad lunch we don’t enjoy. Whether it’s packed lunch that you hastily put together, a meal from your dodgy nearby fast food place or amala from the Mama Put down the road, we sometimes end up eating rubbish. But man, if you thought your lunch was bad, just take a look at what this guy is struggling with-

lunch avocado salt


No idea what’s going on here-

lunch potato and friends


This one was so tired, he couldn’t even be bothered to cook first-

lunch bacon bear


This one packed spoon, wrote himself a note to remind him to bring the spoon back and didn’t pack any food to eat with the spoon 🙁

lunch pizza spoon


This babe was clearly tired of people stealing her food and needed a hiding spot-

lunch hiding spot


And this is just….what?

lunch spag banana


So yeah, the long and short is, be grateful for your lunch jo. Cos it could definitely be a whole lot worse.

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